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Full drafting service

DF Drafting and Building Designs caters for clients at all points of the decision process. Whether you're starting from scratch, or know exactly what you need in your plans.

It's my goal to work with you on your design and Development Application through to the Construction Certificate, so you are confident to start building. 

The timing will vary depending on your project, and you might have a builder involved from early on, or later in the process. Either way is fine, and we can discuss the details and find local building professionals that will be the right fit for you.

In general, we will work through these stages:

  • Scoping: 
    We will start with an initial consultation where I will scope out your needs and get to know your style.


  • Concept: 
    Then comes the fun part, where I turn your ideas into action and we work together to refine the details.


  • Design: 
    This is when it really starts to come together as we finalise your plans. I will prepare your design in line with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), vegetation clearing thresholds (BOS), and BASIX requirements.

  • Development Application:​​
    Your Development Application is when the local building authority agrees that your proposal meets their requirements.
    I'll handle the DA lodgement, liaise with Eurobodalla Shire Council on your behalf, and keep you updated throughout the process.

  • Construction Certificate: 
    It's time for the engineers and certifier get involved. A Construction Certificate is required after your DA is approved but before any work is carried out. This is when I hand off the stamped plans to your preferred engineer.

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